Almost My Dog


Today I met my new fur-friend! Her shelter name is Bene, and she arrived at the shelter today, just a few minutes before I arrived. She was a stray found abandoned in Forest Park, and it was clear to me that she was just what I was looking for. She was quiet while most of the other dogs were barking for attention, but she was very aware and responded to me immediately.


I had a chance to hang out with her in the visiting space for us to feel each other out, to see if we were a match. I intended to play with a minimum of 3 dogs before choosing, but that did not happen. There was another dog on the other side visiting another potential adopter that barked at Bene like crazy. She was scared and hid behind my chair, and the more I talked to her she became relaxed and put her front paws up on my lap. I was eventually able to pick her up and put her in my lap. She settled there as if she belonged and rested her head on my arm. When the other dogs would bark, she would bury her head in the crook of my arm. The attendant told me that if I didn’t want her, they would send her to a foster home because she was such a nice, well-behaved dog. I did not want that to happen, so I quickly ended my visit with her to get down to business.


When I walked her back to her cage, she rested her head on my shoulder like a little baby and turned her face away from the other dogs. Guard dog she will not be. I completed the paperwork, which was quick and painless, before I got the worst news ever. Because Bene was a found stray, the shelter has to give 3 days for her original owners to claim her. If they don’t show up, she is mine officially. I feel like a horrible person for hoping they never show up; It would totally break my heart to think about picking another dog.

After completing the paperwork, I went back and spent another hour with her, holding her and cuddling her like a baby. I already know she is going to be spoiled rotten. I really didn’t want to leave her, but I wouldn’t be able to take her home until Thursday, which includes the 3 day waiting period and then the scheduled surgery for spaying and microchipping. As I left I felt as if I was exactly where I was supposed to be.


I agonized over the type of dog food, type of toys she might like, and the best treats to use for training (She does not like being on a leash) while spending way too much time at the PetCo. The easiest part was picking out a collar and leash (purple collar, mint green leash).

I still haven’t decided on a name. I called her Macy before I even knew the name the shelter gave her, but I feel like it should require a little more thought.

How did you chose your pet’s name? How did you acquire your pet?

Special thanks to the good people of the Fulton County Animal Services. You guys made me feel good about adopting, and your friendliness and kindness reflected throughout the well-kept facility.


10 thoughts on “Almost My Dog

  1. The better treats are the smaller ones don’t give her big treats that will fill her up you want small and training is an all day affair by that it’s meant for the dog to learn all day from sit to stay and everything you want to teach her. You have to be patient and learn how she is and her personality


  2. So excited for you! I think our house has an invisible sign written on it, “Stray cats who need a forever home-HERE” with a neon flashing light! Pets are such therapy.


  3. She is so cute! You both are lucky to have found each other. She looks like a combination of two of my dogs (both were rescues). Actually all 7 (yes, I wrote 7) of my dogs are rescues. Most we found right on the street, and when they weren’t claimed by anybody we couldn’t bear to give them up.
    The perfect name will come to you. You can use any of mine if you like: Sydney, Penny, Goldie, Olivia, Lily, Buddy, and Coco
    (Visiting from the Sits Girls)


  4. Oh, boy! That is one cute puppy. As the “mom” of a very spoiled, yet completely perfect canine kid myself, I know how it feels when you and a dog just click. Our dog’s name is Henry Jones, Jr. (named after Indiana Jones) – we just call him Junior. He is my very best furry friend and we are never far apart when I’m home. I used to make fun of dog people….until I became one. I hope everything works out for you!


  5. Oh, She’s toooo cute! I love the name.
    I came up with my dog Tripp’s name because of the trip back and forth to Killeen, TX to Birmingham, AL to adopt him.. (That and he was a trip. We found out about a week later he as born deaf. I just thought he was a sound sleeper!) He has been a blessing since the day I met him.
    Congratulations on your new family member!
    Love from SITS. :)


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