There is no disputing the fact that there are at least 7 billion bodies on Earth. Of the 7 billion, every single one is unique. To celebrate the beauty of all bodies, photographer and activist Taryn Brumfitt of Australia is working on a documentary that will inspire you reevaluate the way you see yourself and others. Consider it a lens.


Click below to see a snapshot of what she hopes to accomplish, and head over to her page to read about ways you can help.



All 7 billion bodies are on this earth for a purpose. Instead of using the limited time that we have obsessing over the little things we don’t love, would you rather live embracing the things you do love?

Talk to me. Tell me what you love about your body in the comment section below.

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The Fritter Files: Global Body Love

3 thoughts on “The Fritter Files: Global Body Love

  1. I love how strong I am – sometimes I struggle with my muscle mass, but I cherish the fact that my muscles help me run marathons and go on long bike rides. Oh, and I don’t mind being able to chaturanga ’til the cows come home :)
    thanks for the reminder that we have to fight the good fight and love unconditionally!


  2. What an important campaign–thanks for spreading the word. I am grateful for what I can do, whether hours of chores, a couple sets of tennis, or some pushups.


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